French Courses

We run French Immersion courses and Magical Provence weeks for adults in blocks of one week upwards. All our French Immersion and Magical Provence courses run from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. Students staying with a French host usually arrive on the Sunday before the course begins and leave on Saturday morning after the course finishes.

Our Magical Provence weeks (May to October) provide a wonderful opportunity to balance a fascinating discovery of Provence with enjoyable French language learning. Our students are divided into small groups (maximum 5 students) at the appropriate learning level. Students may also enrol for individual courses.

We offer French Immersion courses for individuals, couples or small groups of friends or colleagues throughout the year.

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Which level to choose?

  • Level 1 – a confidence-building course for learners with limited language skills focusing on conversation. Topics include shopping, social situations (weather, health, sport, travel, holiday, personal information) and making simple arrangements. (European Framework A1)
  • Level 2 – aimed at the intermediate learner, this course encourages the student to communicate more fluently with native speakers, to be able to discuss a wide range of topics and handle many areas of grammar more confidently and accurately. (European Framework A2/B1)
  • Level 3 – for the more advanced student this course explores in more depth many aspects of the French language, its uses in modern contexts, changes in vocabulary and usage and advanced discussions. (European Framework B2/C1)

Our teachers use a communicative approach to language teaching with a significant focus on the spoken language and communication of ideas. The study of grammar and vocabulary will of course be included but will be taught within a context. Please throw away any pre-conceived notions about recital of irregular verbs!