Well March has certainly arrived in style – sunny, showery, strong winds and then! gentle moments of calm when we spy soft blossoms about to explode and Provence in its spring best revealed in time for Easter. The almond blossom is bursting out everywhere in the Luberon Valley as I write and within a week or two the valley will be a mass of dazzling white cherry blossom.

February is always a quiet month here. It coincides with the half-term break for schools and everyone is encouraged to head for the mountains. Over the last few years many businesses have chosen to take advantage of this calm period and close for a break. If you want few tourists, quiet roads, no parking problems (usually ‘gratuit’ at this time of year) and longer days then it’s a great time to visit.

Then with the arrival of March suddenly everyone changes to spring mode. Shops, cafés and restaurants are freshly painted, gardens and borders planted, markets are opening everywhere and there’s a welcoming atmosphere in the towns and villages. Spring in Provence is fantastic!

Our immersion courses are starting now and we have places available for our French Immersion with Villages and Vineyards starting 26 April. It’s a perfect time to explore and Provence will be an explosion of colour.

Another treat on our spring programme this year is French Immersion with Must See Markets AND a cooking class beginning 10 May. This will appeal to all of you who love to explore different corners of our colourful region and the markets bursting with colour. And it will be a real bonus to have a chance to cook some of those wonderful ingredients you see on display in the markets and try out your French with local people. Our French hosts are great cooks too and provide a generous welcome to all our student clients.

We are easy to contact through our website, Facebook or by phone. Look forward to hearing from you.



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